Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Super Cute Printed, OS, Organic Bamboo Diapers like GM's

Hey Guys,

Check out my new fitted diapers!

They have super cute prints on them and are just like the brand name GoodMama diapers.

These are made with 9 layers of materials. The outside is made with a layer of cute printed fabric; the inside layers are made with the best quality hemp and organic bamboo. It is super soft and absorbent. Hemp and Bamboo are organic and are said to be antimicrobial.

These diapers are one size which means they can be adjusted as your baby grows.

Asking price, $15 each but I give good discount to all my friends.  I currently have 2 bicycle prints and 2 tool prints but more cute prints are coming so keep checking the post.

Let your friends know and feel free to write to me in the comment box if you have any questions.

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