Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life is sweet at this particular time period of our lives. Ben started a new job at Summit Energy, I am busy with my domestic endeavors, and Isaiah is growing leaps and bounds. I love staying home with Isaiah; we read books, take walks around the seminary, and run errands. He is my little companion and I enjoy having him around. He just learn how to roll over and has been going back and forth on our queen size bed. I enjoy watching him practice these new skills; when I watch him, I can almost see his wheels turn. He is a curious little fellow who likes to take note of everything. He gets this intense look on his face as he concentrates. At such a young age, I believe babies can identify their needs and can manipulate what they want.

Isaiah needs his mommy time every day; he gets cranky if I don't hold him after a while. He snuggles some, most of the time he is too interested in the world to be still for long. Ben and I have already seen some of his personality. For most part he is a happy boy; when he wants something, however, he can get pretty demanding. I can already see strong will manifested in Isaiah.

We heard him laugh the other day when I gave him kisses under the chin, I would do anything to hear him laugh.

I enjoy my little guy but he is growing up way too fast. I wish I can pause this moment for a little while so I can hold him longer.

When I actually have time to spend, I like to sew, scrapbook, and read; I can get really into my hobbies and become a hermit. I have often thought about my parents as I work on my projects. I am like my dad in that he is detail oriented, he likes to perfect things, and he likes to learn new skills. I am like my mom in that I like to make things with my hands. She is awesome at sewing and knitting. When I was a little girl, I would sit and help her sew; I would help her take out stitches, cut out patterns, thread a needle; I didn't really then how much I actually learned from her. Its been fun.


Vincent said...

Love your video samantha! He is a cutie. Love, Cari

Alicia said...

what a handsome little man..

Lindsay said...

what a fun video!! any baby's laugh can make me laugh!

you'll have to teach me how to sew one of these days. :)

Anonymous said...

Today I sewed a button on my dress. This is about all the sewing I can do. I am really glad you are enjoying motherhood. It is a great season in life. Anyways, I am really busy teaching and doing other work. This is a good season in life for me too. I love what I am doing even though some days I am tired.