Friday, March 06, 2009

God has been teaching me about myself and how I react sinfully when I am afraid.  For instance, when I worry about money, my first reaction is to stress out and frantically look for part time work.  Money has been tight lately and I felt myself falling pray to sin by wanting to take control of the situation.  This time, instead of trusting myself, I thought, I must pray.  I prayed, "Lord, more than anything help me rely on you and not myself.  Help me to develop a trust in you when you promised to take care of us.  Most importantly Lord, help my unbelief."  A few minutes after that conviction of sin, I got a phone call from a friend who I used to babysit for.  She wanted to recommend a friend who needs someone to chaufeur their kids to and from school; what a faithful God we have!  Although nothing has happened with the phone call, it was God's reassurance that he is with us and he will never leave us.

My diaper "business" has been going well.  My customers were really impressed with the quality of the diapers and the workmenship of my mom's.  I thank God for this side job.  I keep thinking of the Proverbs woman and how hard she works for her family; she doesn't sleep at night to make clothes for them; she selects wool and flax and works with eager hands; she considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.  Not that I am like her, but I inspired to be.

Isaiah just got his first discipline for spitting out food.  We decided he cannot be picky with food and throw fits when there are things he doesn't like.  So far it's been hard, he gets really angry at me for making him eat certain things.  When he spits them up, I put them back in his mouth and he cries.  That went on for 15-20 mins until he decides to swallow the bite of food in his mouth. The funny thing is, he eats bananas but he wants it his way and in his time.  My job at this point is to train him to obey mommy and to break the will.  My marriage and parenting class has been helpful.  I was encouraged to be more consistent with my discipline and to start them early.  I am actually really looking forward to it; I am at the beginning of a really special training to teach him love, respect, and obedience.


Anonymous said...

The food you make is delicious, so I guess Isaiah should not be picky. I am glad things are going well.

blbartlett said...

Hey, we need an update! I can say this because I just updated recently. Tell us about your life these days!


Your adoring public

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