Saturday, January 26, 2008

I decided to take a stroll around the mall today because it's my day off and I wanted to do something while my husband went to a basketball game with his friends. Out of curiosity, I went in the kid stores to check out prices for kid's clothing. I was not surprised to find that everything was, of course, overpriced. $20 dollars for a sweater!! No way, I am going to Goodwill. Isaiah already has more than enough clothing hanging in his closet. Proudly to say, he will be one well dressed kid. As you know, my nesting tendencies has become too strong to fight off. Thank goodness for Goodwill because I can satisfied my mothering instinct and still not spend a lot of money.

Afterwards, I decided to stop by ToysRUs for the first time. I walked around the store literally five minutes before I became overwhelmed by all the stuff they have specifically for babies. Wow, it's amazing. I think next time, I will ask someone to come along.

New Random: My new favorite quote of the day from my husband, "If I ever meet Ralph Lauren, I'm gonna punch him in the mouth."

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Anne said...

Have you tried the children consignment shops around town? They are nice for shoes and toys and coats...ect. Things that don't wear out easily. There are also church consignment sales in the spring and fall. Look for them online. They can be great if you need big things. I always go on the last day b/c stuff is usually 1/2off...probably not this year, as I need a few big items that will go fast on days 1 and 2.
Happy Hunting!!!