Friday, January 11, 2008 it bad to register for a camera on our baby registry? I normally wouldn't do this because it seems very shady but, really, all I want from the baby registry is a nice camera to take good pictures of Isaiah. I understand that a camera is very expensive so I guess I am asking for cash or gift cards to Target instead of baby clothes and such so we can save up for the camera. Another advantage of a having a nicer camera too is that we can take more pictures to put on the web!! How's that for a sales pitch? Well, pass the word along and we'll see what happens.

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Anne said...

I don't think it is tacky. If that is what you want/need to most than go for it!! You may want to find a camera you want then just let everyone know where it is. I'm not sure that Target is where you should buy a camera. Try Sams, or Best Buy...somewhere with a great warenty and huge selection.