Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Does anyone have favorite children's book recommendations? How about toys? I have a hard time knowing what kind of toys are good for baby's growth and such. There are so many toys out there that doesn't seem to make sense to me. Also, I am not sure what to think of Baby Einstein videos, any suggestions?


Anne said... I just had a reply, but it was too long for this space. I'll just e-mail you tomorrow!! I am going to go watch LOST now.

Lindsay said...

Lilly and I love the books by Sandra Boynton. Lilly really likes any kind of touchy-feely book (book with lots of textures). It's always nice to have some of the classics too like Pat the Bunny, Goodnight Moon, and Curious George. Lilly likes to give Curious George kisses!

I didn't really start showing Lilly Baby Einstein DVDs until now. Even now she kind of 1/2 watches them. She'll watch and then go play with other toys and then come back to watch again. I've read that it's more beneficial for babies to watch with another adult. I guess it's that human interaction that's best for them. So, in the end, you don't really need these baby DVDs. Hehe You can always borrow them from the library if you really want! :)

Mary Mc said...

The Adam Raccoon books are great (I think you have to buy them used online though). Some good children's Bibles: the Big Picture Story Bible (for older kids, 4+? but Katie still likes it), the Rhyme Bible Storybook (a great first Bible), The Jesus Storybook Bible (again for older kids, 5+?). The biggest recommendation---buy books that YOU will want to read over and over and over again!

Amanda said...

I think immersing your child in literature is very good. I think children should have books available to for them to look at. As children grow older they will learn to love different genres of books. Cost saving tip, you can check them out of the library or buy used books from garage sales to start a nice book collection.

My recommendation is to look at the links below and see what books you might be interested in reading to Isaiah before actually purchasing them or checking them out.

I am rather picky about the books I will purchase for my personal library. I look at book reviews and often get recommendations from other teachers and friends.

Here are some links. Just because these books are recommended doesn’t mean they are the right books for Isaiah, these are just to help you start looking.:)

Christianity Today

Parenthood top books:

Caldecott winners