Saturday, October 27, 2007

I've been tagged. The game is, I have to write seven things about myself that is funny/weird/quirky. Hum...shouldn't be too hard. Also I am suppose to tag two other bloggers to do the same. OK, so here it goes.

1. I got weird crazy cravings long before I became pregnant. I will crave whatever I think about, read about, and see on TV. Once it's in my head, it will stay there until I satisfy the craving. Salty fish, Kim Chee, fried okra, lemon grass soup, anything really.

2. I get freaked out by worms. One time I had to climb on my husband's back at Antietam because there were so many of them on the side walk.

3. I have had three different guys give me the "we are just friends" talk. It was totally unexpected since I wasn't trying to be anything more than just friends. I was overly friendly I guess.

4. Before my family came to America, we had to spend 6 months in the Philippians. One time my mother bought 4 mac apples, one for each of us. (We never had apples before, they were expensive.) After I ate mine, I was tempted to eat my dad's also. I finally caved in and ate his. I have felt guilty ever since that my dad didn't get his apple. Everytime I think of that story, I am on the brink of tears at how selfish I was.

5. I have a hard time enjoying dinner at a restaurant if a server who is older than 60 years old serves me.

6. When I was 8, I fought a black boy for picking on my best friend. He got in trouble of course and I didn't.

7. When I am nervous around people, my grammar gets worse and I clam up.

Wow, that was fun. Now I tag
Vanessa Kynes
Anne Diffy

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Lindsay said...

Hahaa #6 is pretty funny. :D