Thursday, October 11, 2007

A few blogs previously, I was struggling with some difficult decisions in our lives. We were deciding between going to Seminary, finishing my certification, and starting a family. Almost a year later, almost all of our questions has been answered. Ben and I are now in Seminary, working part time, and having a baby. Yes, yes, I said baby.

I am now in my eighth week of pregnancy and my baby is now the size of a kidney bean. I just learned that its brain has started forming as well as the fingers and eyelids. It is a wonder how this tiny little thing inside of me can make me so sick. On most days, I feel nauseous all day and night long. Foods that I once loved to eat seems so unappetizing to me now. Some days I feel well enough to cook a meal, other days, I'm not able to stand the sight and smell of food. I used to love eating chicken and steak, now I prefer fresh fruits and veggies. I have eaten so many pineapples that my mouth is sore from the acidity. By God's grace, I can still work but it is exhausting at times. I sleep about 12 hours a night and maybe take one nap/day. My friends tells me to take naps as I need them because my body is using a lot of energy to make organs and things. It is difficult being a mother and it is also difficult preparing to be one as well. People have asked me how Ben has reacted to the news of a new baby. Besides telling me that he is happy but nervous, he hasn't really said too much about it. Ben is not one to go goo goo gaga over things. On occasion however, he would speak directly to my belly and say, "hello baby, it's your daddy." We have some names picked out but I have decided not to tell everyone.

Please pray for us if you can. Pray that God will use us to raise a child that will seek after his own heart. Pray that we won't be anxious about anything but to go to him in prayers. Pray that Ben and I will have a steady income, and pray that we will have timely insurance to take care of doctors visits and such. God Bless.

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