Tuesday, June 05, 2007

God has been so gracious to me lately. I am adjusting to work quite well; having a routine helps me to stay diciplined with my time. The relational aspect of work is still tough since there is little I have in common with people there. I often feel intimidated to speak my mind and I feel shut in from sharing my opinions, my worldview, and my life. At work, I am criticized, and critiqued; at times, I am the scapegoat for mistakes that happen. Through all these things, I have truly learned to be content with my situation. I was overjoyed today that God choose to dicipline me. I have learned to feel humble when I am wrong; I feel joy when I am not well liked; I am grateful when people are kind. Today, I felt a shadow being lifted from me. I am no longer afraid of people and what they can do to me. I gladly accept my plight, and I give thanks to God for driving out all fears that have been a stronghold for me in the past. Today, I understood that I am God's child.

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Jamie Butts said...

Thanks for having us over! I really enjoyed getting to know you better. :) Come by soon, neighbor!