Saturday, May 12, 2007

I am exhausted. I chatted with my mom last night and told her that work is so exhausting. From her own experience, she told me that I will eventually get use to it. My mom is super woman. When she was in Vietnam, she worked three jobs and still took care of her family. I was really encouraged by her even though she said little to make me feel better. Maybe it’s because I know she knows what it’s like and much much more. You see, I have gotten use to the idea that I will be a wife and a mother someday. I have enjoyed knowing that my husband will work and I will take care of the family. Sometimes, I even despise working. I have forgotten how hard my parents worked to give us a good life; I have forgotten how to appreciate Ben for all those times he provided for the family.

While conversing with God one day, I said to him, “Lord, surely there is much more value to life than this?” Then he spoke to me and I was encouraged to keep doing what I have been doing. It’s almost as if he is saying to me, my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weaknesses. It was clear to me then that he wanted me to rely on him everyday of my life. My weaknesses required that I draw strength from him, and that in turn, draws me close to God. Oh how long I have missed the point of it all. No matter work or play, I haven’t relied on God for strength and guidance in the past. He has helped me to experience fully his sweet love by putting me in a circumstance that is beyond my comfort.

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Jamie Butts said...

I know it's a oh-so-commonly used phrase, but it sure helps me to also remember that this is a season. There are other seasons ahead with different trials and joys, just like the different seasons before. Furthermore, in the stress of this job, I try to remember that I'm being a "helpmate" to Dustin by helping with the income to free him up to study God's Word at seminary. It's a weird season, at times, but it is good. I'm trying to learn to embrace it rather than despise it. Just my thoughts. Believe me, there are MANY days where I need someone to remind me of these truths. Find strength in Christ.
Love you, sister!