Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It is so exciting when God answer prayers directly. First we prayed that Ben would get better from his sickness so he can study for his midterms. One day, walking back from class, Ben miraculously got better; his sinus cleared up, his throat stopped hurting, and his nose stopped running. All this happened right before he needed to study for midterms. The second answered prayer is that I would get the chance to talk to my co-workers about God. I realized that everytime I pray before work, I would have amazing conversations with people about Christ. How awesome is that???

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Ben said...

Hey Love,

Thanks for posting your thoughts. I like your cute short e-mails AND your long thoughtful ones. I like learning about you and your perspective... it really encourages me. Keep writing!

Also, I'm really proud of the way you've handled your shifting job situation. You're great!