Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another update on the Bartlett family.

Jobs: We've talked to the lady at the company. She said that Ben essentially got the job but now they don't know whether the position is still available. So what does this all mean?....more waiting. Of course we were devastated at first but what can we really do but to move on and to search for other jobs in the meantime.

Our pastor preached a sermon on Jonah 4 today. The passage was about Jonah being angry at God for showing mercy to the Ninevites. The funny part of that passage to me was when God grew the vine to give Jonah some shade but then took it away. Even though that wasn't the whole message of the passage, what stood out to me was that God clearly did it to bring out Jonah's sin of his angry heart. The reason why I find that funny is that I totally understand Jonah's frustrations and anger. I often feel that God is testing me in the same way. I can truly say that I can often times relate to Jonah. God keeps having to sanctify me over and over again and causes me to be obedient to him despite my objections and stubborn heart.

Baby: he's doing well. He's 35 weeks and almost ready to come out. I am making good use of the time left to read and to enjoy the last bit of childlessness before he comes. I am very excited to meet him!

Prayer: Ben still needs a job, pray for baby to be healthy with no complications, pray for me to have Godly wisdom on how to raise Isaiah, pray that we will trust in God's goodness for our lives, pray that God will show us our purpose for being in Kentucky and our roles here.

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