Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm into my 33rd week of pregnancy and my hormones have finally surged to a whole new emotional level. Being out of work and less active has given me more time to think and to brood over all the things in my life that aren't right. Today a girl friend of mine took me grocery shopping with her. It was perfect timing because I needed so badly to get out of the house. The second redeeming part of the day was that I got to pick out a new lipstick, a pair of sunglasses, a few long tanks for my overgrown belly, and a new nail polish to do a French manicure. I didn't realize how good it felt to spend money on things like a one dollar lipstick. At this point in my pregnancy, I've grown to feel unattractive and sloppy. I wear the same pair of sweat pants 6 days a week because I haven't spent money on buying maternity clothes. With that said, my point is that it's necessary to do little things that makes you feel good once in a while.


barb michelen said...
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kristen said...

Samantha! I want to tell you that I keep checking on your blog to see how you are doing (especially since you are expecting Isaiah!). How precious! I am excited for you & Ben, and also for Bethany and Aaron! You should post pregnancy pics. :-)
By the way... marriage IS so wonderful! I am so enjoying this union with my husband Nate. :-) Hope to talk to you more soon...

in Christ,
kristen virginia (goad) egger