Thursday, August 16, 2007

so our computer broke down and I am now at the library trying to update my blog. Wow, what a summer. We have had so many visitors this summer. First Dave and Peter came for Spring Break, then dad came to run in a marathon, then the gramps, then my brother, his wife and some family friends, and most recently Bethany and Aaron. Next week, our college buds are coming to visit for the weekend and I am thrilled to see them. I am glad we are able to stay in touch and I love them with all my heart.

Ben and I are doing well. God has blessed us so much by giving us a great church to be part of. Ben has been meeting with some guys from Third and I am meeting with some women on a regular basis. It has only been a couple of weeks but I already love getting to know the women at Third. What I needed all along (and didn't really know it) was to have some good Godly perspectives in my life who isn't my husband's. It's been such a blessing.

I am continually learning so much about homemaking. It is such a joy to be able to spend time making my home a place of refuge. I hope to be more hospitable to other people since God has really blessed us with so much.


Vanessa Kynes said...

Yes you have a blog too? Check our new other blog:

Yay!! Oh, email me your tele- I just trashed the directory :(

amanda said...

hi sam,

I am glad you feeling content at where you are.